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Vehicle Diagnostic Tester



[DT-3300 Description of item]
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Supports truck aiming.

Our product is a full-scale diagnostic tester that diagnoses a wide range of vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks and buses.

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Vehicle Diagnostic Tester [DT-3300]

DT-3300 is equipped with ECU vehicle and Diagnostic Tester data communications that are necessary to adopt to the international standards protocol (SAE standards and ISO standards) and also supports the built-in communications interface corresponding to the exclusive protocol of the original vehicle maker.

Contents of a Set of Standard Tester

Hard Case
Aluminum Hard Case(460×330×150)
DT-3300 Tester
with hard rubber guard(228×148×55)
OBD Cable
Standard Connector Specifications
USB Cable
1M in length Cable if connected to a computer
AC Adapter
Grand Clip(*1)
Voltage measurement, for observation of waveform signal
Measurement Cable(*1)
Voltage measurement, for observation of waveform signal×2
Red and Black Probe
User's Manual(CD)
User's Manual in (PDF)、WRITE3

(*1) The model without oscilloscope is not included.


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Diagnostic Software Update History

2024/06/17 Daihatsu
Updated to Ver10.02
2024/06/11 Mitsubishi
Updated to Ver10.03
2024/05/30 Toyota
Updated to Ver10.02
2024/05/30 Hino
Updated to Ver10.01

Demo Video List

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  • W1f-KpjLXhI

    [Nissan] CARAVAN diagnostics

  • KiQR53jJzcQ

    [Mitsubishi Fuso] Truck 6R20 Engine diagnostics

  • HH49jh2vbPU

    [Mitsubishi Fuso] Bus 6S10 Engine diagnostics

  • Ce39VzO6_k0

    [Toyota] YARIS Forward Recognition Camera Optical Axis Adjustment

  • A5s_qgT1kbA

    [Toyota] YARIS Forward Radar Sensor Optical Axis Adjustment

  • G8QNwNg3G_s

    [Isuzu] Giga VAT Camera Learning

  • B7lMPSdVG2Y

    [Isuzu] Giga VAT Radar Learning

  • CWsjeWuw1vI

    [Hino] Profia LDWS Optical Axis Adjustment


    [Hino] Profia Millimeter Wave Radar Beam Axis Adjustment

  • yYbSqN_LMuk

    [Toyota] Prius ZVW30 Linear Valve Offset Learning


    [DT-3300] Oscilloscope

  • YSI5ccgqy9s

    [Generator] 4JJ1 engine diagnostics

  • Other videos will be posted in due time.


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Passenger Cars

Trucks & Buses

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Company Name
Japan Venture Inc.
June 1991
Capital Stock
10 Million Yen
Main Office
1532-9 Kasaharacho, Mito City
Ibaraki Prefecture 310-0852
Osaka Branch Office
105 Yu Heights 1-9-10 Hishiya Nishi
East Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 577-0807
President-Director Hideki Nakane
Bank Relation
Tsukuba Bank, Yoshida Branch
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Sanko Inc.
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For inquiries, please contact us by e-mail.

For inquiry by e-mail, please contact us .

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